Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mobile Marketing Techniques That Work

By Jason Nyback

In many countries, owning a mobile phone has become so common that almost everyone in the world seems to have one already. Apparently, people have already appreciated the value of these gadgets, especially because these make communicating with others and getting hold of information much easier.

Mobile phones are no longer just used for communicating though; with the new features installed that make these internet-ready, people are using it also to shop for anything they need. As an online marketer, you should consider this as good news since it has provided you an opportunity to promote products also through the mobile phones.

The techniques that can be applied for mobile phone marketing may not be much different from that online. Here are some of the techniques that would surely give you positive results:

Text quizzes are known to be very attractive and interesting since people are inherently susceptible to challenges. Initiate quizzes using SMS and send it to people who would most likely respond positively to the challenge thrown at them and prepare prizes such as discounts, coupons, and other less costly rewards you can think of.

Develop a website that is compatible to the formats commonly used by mobile phones. This may require you to do some technical improvements which may cost you a bit, but you should also think about the returns after you have set this up.

Make mobile apps that could be used on people's phones and present these for free just like any promotional material you give out through the internet. Freebies are always effective and providing mobile apps would certainly be appreciated by your target market, encouraging them to try the products that you are selling as well.

Send coupons for discounts through SMS or MMS and include some interesting pictures. The more interesting or intriguing these are, the higher the chances that your potential customers would be attracted to whatever it is that you are promoting.

Text reminders are probably the cheapest form of mobile marketing since you do not have to spend anything but the text messages you sent. However, you would have to make them really encouraging text messages while, at the same time, avoiding tendencies that make it annoying to message recipients.

Surveys on text is another workable technique and this too is not very expensive. The only downside here is that the recipients may not respond at all.

All these techniques require diligence and patience on your part but you should not expect immediate positive results. Because of this, mobile marketing should not be the only method you employ; just make it into one of the many other tactics in promoting products.

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